Merrill M. E. Jenkins, Sr., Monetary Realist, devoted more than twenty years of effort to the creation of electro-mechanical devices used by the automatic vending industry for the detection and rejection of counterfeit coin and paper currency before he discovered the fallacies of U.S. paper and metal tokens. He has devoted almost all his time since June 24, 1968, to alerting the U.S. citizen to the most unbelievable world monetary upheaval that is inevitable in our future.


  1. ‘Money:’ The Greatest Hoax on Earth — Merrill Jenkins’ first book is an extremely detailed publication for those who desire a scientifically accurate, in-depth, knowledge of MONEY — what it is and isn’t. After countless letters to officials in many branches of government, all fruitless, Mr. Jenkins wrote the IRS and requested return of all income tax collected or accepted from him since June 24, 1968.
  2. Everything I Have Was TheIR$ — After several attempts to be a witness for defendants in cases involving IRS entrapment and being refused the right to be a witness (in violation of the Constitution) he decided to write an expose of I.R.S. as his second book. Some one hundred sixty pages of that correspondence with officials including all letters to and from IRS are reproduced herein.
  3. IRS ‘Indicted’ for Fraud and Extortion — The third book by Merrill Jenkins.
  4. Free Money (1979) — The fourth book by Merril Jenkins explains in very simple language the exploitation of the people as a whole by the few clever ones who enjoy the free lunches we are told are not available. It discloses the justification for all producers to avail themselves of free money.
  5. Treadmill to Oblivion (Buy Now, Pay Never) — Here is one specifically written for the business world, from industrialist to stockbroker. Anyone who works for or uses modern money should know where it is leading them. This book is not for the easily frightened. IT IS for those who want to know the whole shocking truth no matter what! Reading this book will change your life!
  6. Aeonic Monetary Delusion — The public has been burdened with a disease for thousands of years; never suspecting that their Monetary System is inimical to their interests. This book explains it in simple understandable terms! The cure for a disease can only come after the identity of its cause.
  7. A Treatise on Monetary Reform — Traces the history of the Monetary System disease and its manifestations through thousands of years. A chronological presentation of symptoms with a solution presented in total perspective to those symptoms.

Monetary Realist Society

P.O. Box 31044
St. Louis, MO 63131

About the Society

The Monetary Realist Society is a national organization based in St. Louis which explores the nature of modern money and its role in shaping our lives. The focus of the Society is education and advocacy rather than direct action. Our goal is to make YOU wise enough to take YOUR OWN advice and make YOUR OWN waves. The group is named for the late Merrill Jenkins, a.k.a. the Monetary Realist, who researched, wrote, and lectured extensively on the subject of money.

Monetary Realists believe that money should be a material thing produced by people, owned by the people, and traded (bartered, if you will) for other things, or services. Production and ownership of the medium of exchange by the people means control of the economy by the people.

In contrast to this is the present monetary system of the United States, and the rest of the world. Money is an intangible, represented by numbers engraved on paper notes or written on checks. The numbers do not stand for any fixed amount of anything. This is worse than a counterfeiter who merely dilutes the value of other money units. It is worse than a gambling casino which would redeem its chips only in other chips. It is worse because modern money is created from an I.O.U. or bond and loaned into existence at interest! This process is known as the monetization of debt.

Monetary Realists know that when the sole source of money makes it available to society only as a loan, that at any given time, more money is owed than exists. Thus, continuous borrowing Is essential in such a system, with consequent proliferation of money and/or debt. Such a system must, sooner or later, collapse, despite the most skillful manipulation.

Monetary Realists also realize that when productive men and women are compelled by law (legal tender laws) to accept money loaned into circulation by a privileged group, such power exerted by those individuals Is awesome. For those who can create money, price is, of course, no object. Favored organizations and individuals will prosper; those less fortunate will have tough sledding indeed!

Monetary Realists demand a freedom of choice in money. They advocate a return to tangible money and a 100% redeemable currency. Legally we demand repeal of legal tender laws and for state and federal governments to obey article 1 section 10 of the U.S. Constitution.

‘Money’ The greatest hoax on earth

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